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Perry Proposes Single Commissioner Structure for Youth Commission

Location: Austin, TX

Perry Proposes Single Commissioner Structure for Youth Commission

Gov. Rick Perry today proposed that the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) be governed by a single full-time commissioner rather than a part-time, volunteer board of directors.

"Leading the Texas Youth Commission is a full-time job that demands the attention of a full-time, criminal justice professional," Perry said. "A single commissioner would provide better oversight of the agency on a day-to-day basis and would be more accountable to the executive and legislative branches."

Like the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Insurance and the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, the Commissioner of TYC would be appointed by the governor to a two-year term and must be confirmed by the senate.

"While the acting Executive Director and the Special Master have worked to complete the initial phase of the investigation and the rehabilitation plan, it was important for the current board to remain in place in order to approve the plan," Perry said. "Now is the time for lawmakers to take the next step to fix a broken agency and change the culture of TYC by permanently changing the agency's leadership structure."

Current TYC board members will meet on Friday to approve the rehabilitation plan that is being drafted by Acting Executive Director Ed Owens. All are expected to tender their resignations once the rehabilitation plan is approved.

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