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Kennedy: Gonzales's Resignation Is Long Overdue

Location: Washington, DC


Today Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement regarding Attorney General Gonzales's comments on the firing of U.S. Attorneys.

"Attorney General Gonzales has made the wrong decision yet again. I opposed his confirmation because he came before the Senate as an enabler of the President's misguided legal policies rather than as an independent legal voice. He had played a central role in authorizing the use of torture against detainees and other deprivations of civil liberties. Since his confirmation, he has presided over one disastrous policy after another, including the continued abuse of detainees, the approval of unlawful wiretapping by the NSA, the partisan enforcement of the voting Rights Act and the failure to enforce our other civil rights laws, the abusive use of National Security Letters and the inappropriate firing of U.S. Attorneys. He has exhibited a lack of candor with Congress and disdain for the rule of law and our constitutional system. His resignation is long overdue."

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