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Solis: "Time to Get it Right on Transportation"

Location: Washington, DC

Solis: "Time to Get it Right on Transportation"

Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (CA-32) issued the following statement in advance of today's vote by the California Transportation Commission on funding priorities for freeway improvements in Prop 1B.

"Today the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has a chance to get it right, a chance to commit to improving the safety and health of residents of the San Gabriel Valley, and a chance to restore faith in the voters and taxpayers in Los Angeles County.

"For days, weeks, and months the cities in the San Gabriel Valley and those that represent them have fought for the I-10/I-605 interchange improvement project. Nearly 438,000 vehicles use this highly congested traffic corridor daily. This high volume of traffic poses tremendous risk to the community of Baldwin Park, which is home to nearly 80,000 people in a seven square mile area, and those who commute through the region. This risk is not only to pedestrian safety but also to residents whose health is impacted by the increasing congestion. Improvement of the I-10/I-605 interchange is necessary for the quality of life and safety of residents in the San Gabriel Valley Region.

"Further delay in the upgrade of this interchange will result in unnecessary expenditures and risk to the local communities and the region. I urge the CTC to reject staff recommendations and join us in improving the health and safety of the residents, commuters and taxpayers of the San Gabriel Valley by funding the I-10/I-605 interchange improvement project. This time the CTC should get it right."

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