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Linder Letter, 3/1/07


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Linder Letter, 3/1/07

Knowing that climate change and "global warming" are receiving a lot of attention in the media these days, I wanted to send to you a quick note to let you know that these issues are getting a lot of attention in the hallways of Congress, as well. I participated yesterday in a House Ways and Means Committee hearing that focused on these issues specifically.

Unfortunately, all four of the witnesses shared the point-of-view of the Democrats and alarmists. They believe that the growing economy and expanding US economy are the big reasons why global warming is taking place.

Having studied this issue closely, I'm not so sure that's true at all. For example, some scientists suggest that the higher levels of so-called "greenhouse gases" are the result of naturally occurring higher temperatures rather than the cause of "unnaturally" high ones.

I am going to continue to play an active role on the topic of climate change. It's an important issue and has far-reaching implications for our country and our grandchildren's future.

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