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Group to Conduct Top-to-Bottom Review of Budget and Control Board

Location: Columbia, SC

Group to Conduct Top-to-Bottom Review of Budget and Control Board


Gov. Mark Sanford today issued an Executive Order creating the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Committee, a new task force charged with examining the Budget and Control Board from top to bottom and recommending changes aimed at greater efficiency and accountability.

The Committee will consist of nine members, five of which will be appointed by the governor with one each appointed by other members of the Budget and Control Board. The governor's appointees are Marcia Adams, director of S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles; J.T. Gandolfo, owner of Dodgeland in Columbia and member of the Governor's DMV Task Force; Lewis Creel, HR Manager for Alcoa-Mt. Holly; and Mike Langrehr, former CIO of Maryland who now resides in Aiken. Chad Walldorf, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Budget Director to Governor Sanford, will serve as chairman of the Committee, which will report its findings by June 15, 2007.

Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom's appointment is John Pownall, Senior Vice President for Corporate Investments Finance for Bank of America. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel's appointment is Burnie Maybank, former director of the S.C. Department of Revenue. Rep. Dan Cooper has appointed Steve Osborne, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs at the College of Charleston, and Sen. Leatherman has appointed Rick Kelly, currently at USC and a former Director of the Budget and Control Board.

"With this group, we're going to take a comprehensive look at the Budget and Control Board in a way that's never been done before," Gov. Sanford said. "While we ultimately believe that many of the Board's functions would be better performed in a Department of Administration, we think it makes sense to really look under the hood at how the Board currently functions, with an eye toward making it more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers."

"Because the Budget and Control Board's functions touch so many agencies, I think that taxpayers will greatly benefit from a detailed look at the Board's operations and ways in which they can be improved. I'm honored that the governor has chosen me to lead this effort, and I'm eager to begin our work," Walldorf said.

Henry White, Director of the Budget and Control Board, will be working with the Committee as they undertake their review.

"I'm looking forward to working with Chad and the rest of this Committee throughout this process. We're striving to bring a renewed emphasis on taxpayer protection and efficiency to the Board, and I think the work this group will do will be a very important part of that equation," White said.

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