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Silly Politics and Silly Resolutions

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, if the troops in Baghdad were watching what we were doing today, they would be outraged; but when you are in harm's way, you don't exactly sit around and watch C-SPAN and silly politicians with silly resolutions.

Here is what the Democrats are up to. Dearest troops, we support you, but your mission is in the tank. We don't support your mission. Americans are dying, the situation is dire, but we are not going to send more reinforcements. You are on your own.

But wait. The majority party still wants to play backseat driver. This is nothing but a nonbinding resolution, fit for the Democrat club back home, but when you are the U.S. Congress in the majority party, you have the right to pass laws, real laws affecting real people.

If you have an alternative plan, introduce it. Get out of the back seat. November 7th put your hands on the steering wheel with the President. You can now help drive the direction of policy, national policy in Iraq. This is a silly resolution. I recommend a ``no' vote.

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