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Protesters Lose Civility

Location: Washington, DC

PROTESTERS LOSE CIVILITY -- (House of Representatives - January 29, 2007)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, you know, the subject of Iraq and the war in Iraq, the global war on terror, is indeed a subject that is a tense subject, it is a difficult subject. In districts like mine, with Fort Campbell, with our National Guard men and women, it is one that we talk about a lot.

Mr. Speaker, one of the things that I do fear is that in this debate, as we talk about it, we have lost civility in this debate. It has been of great concern to me that I have heard of some of the actions of the protesters who came to our Nation's capital this weekend. I am deeply disturbed by the report of a veteran who was counterprotesting the protesters that were here, and he was spat upon by those protesters, spat upon, a man who fought for our freedom, to protect the freedom that allows them to have a protest. That is shameful, and they should be ashamed; they should be dealt with.

You know, one of the things that we continue to hear from the Iraqis is, do not leave us until we are stable. That, Mr. Speaker, is something that we need to remember. It is imperative that we make certain that they move to stability and productivity.

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