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Gov. Sanford Continues Call for Restructuring Passage

Location: Columbia, SC

Gov. Sanford Continues Call for Restructuring Passage

Governor Mark Sanford today was joined by Senators and current Constitutional Officers in Columbia to ask for passage of legislation aimed at bringing a greater degree of accountability to South Carolina government. The Senate will vote tomorrow on legislation that would give voters the option to have future governors appoint the Superintendent of Education, Adjutant General, Commissioner of Agriculture, Comptroller General and Secretary of State, and have the governor and Lieutenant Governor run on the same ticket - or to continue with the current system of separately electing those offices.

"I'd once again ask the Senate to let South Carolina voters decide this question for themselves, regardless of how individual Senators feel about the idea of future governors appointing these positions," Governor Sanford said. "Structure and accountability relate directly to the kind of results people can expect from their government, which is why we think that it's incredibly important that we update our government structure to reflect the times in which we're living."

Several current Constitutional Officers - Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom, Treasurer Thomas Ravenel and Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers - also called on the legislature to support giving voters this choice on the 2008 ballot:

"I believe restructuring is crucial to citizens having a greater voice in their government, and it's imperative we run government more like a business so that taxpayers are getting their money's worth," Comptroller General Eckstrom said.

"I believe that the government ought to be accountable for its actions as should the public officials we elect to office. Letting the people of South Carolina vote on this important change is the right thing to do," Treasurer Ravenel said.

"Wednesday's votes in the Senate are about letting people decide the course for their government. If the people come back and say let's keep things as they are, then so be it. But let's at least give them the opportunity to vote on behalf of something I believe will bring added accountability to state government," Commissioner Weathers said.

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