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Domenici Motion to Table Feingold-Brownback Amendment to the Energy Bill

Location: Washington, DC

PAGE S13375
Oct. 28, 2003

Domenici Motion to Table Feingold-Brownback Amendment to the Energy Bill

Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, today I will clarify my position on an amendment offered by Senators FEINGOLD and BROWNBACK to the Energy Bill. Their bipartisan amendment was aimed at protecting small businesses and consumers from efforts to roll back regulations governing utility holding companies. I was absent for the vote, number 315, and at the time, was announced as an "aye" in favor of a motion to table the amendment. Through no fault of the distinguished Senator from Nevada who announced my vote, if I had been here, I would have voted "nay," and supported the amendment which would have required the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue rules ensuring that small businesses can stay competitive with deregulated holding companies. The amendment also would have ensured that these holding companies do not damage the financial standing of small businesses or pass the costs of bad investments to consumers.

[Page S13376]

Senator Feingold and Senator Brownback were correct. This amendment is just good public policy and would have protected small contractors against big utilities. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to this important issue.

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