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E-Mail Rumor Completely Untrue

Location: Unknown

E-Mail Rumor Completely Untrue

I understand your concern regarding the possibility that there would be a tax on e-mail, but I am pleased to be able to tell you that no such proposal is even pending. The best proof of the non-existence of this proposal is the form some people have alleged that it is taking: a bill pending in Congress called 602P. In fact, there is no such bill. There is no such number. The form 602P apparently refers to the form in which legislation is proposed in the Parliament of Canada. In the United States, bills are called either S.602 or H.R.602, standing obviously for Senate or House of Representatives. And I assure you that neither S.602 nor H.R.602 have anything to do with the Internet tax.

Apparently for reasons I cannot understand, someone has decided it would be fun to create an entirely false rumor about an Internet tax and get people agitated. I understand why people would be agitated, because such a tax would be outrageous, and in fact it would be so outrageous that there is zero chance of it being imposed. Note that the supposed author of this non-existent bill -- a Congressman named Tony Schnell -- is himself non-existent. No such person now serves in Congress. So I cannot promise you to vote against the bill, because no bill will exist to vote on, but I can promise you that I will vote against any effort to impose an e-mail tax if one is put forward, and I can also promise you that no such proposal will ever surface or be taken seriously if it does.

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