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Statement from John Kerry on Howard Dean's Opposition to Banning Assault Weapons

Location: Unknown

October  31,  2003

"Today's story in the New York Times on Howard Dean and the NRA reminds us that the fight against special interests begins in our own party. 

"In an NRA questionnaire, Howard Dean said he opposed a ban on assault weapons and opposed even a short waiting period before buying a gun to allow law enforcement to determine if the buyer had a criminal record.  Howard Dean's opposition to sensible gun safety measures - measures now passed into law and saving lives but under siege by his friends at the NRA - is indefensible.  And it explains why he has been endorsed by the NRA eight times. 

"I believe we must put the safety of our children and families ahead of special interests like the NRA.  As a candidate and as President, I will never pander to the extremist NRA for personal or political expediency.  I will beat the NRA.  I have done it before and I will make America's families safer and more secure."

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