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Rep. Andrews Votes to Invest in Renewable Energy, End Giveaways to Big Oil

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Rep. Andrews Votes to Invest in Renewable Energy, End Giveaways to Big Oil

The House recently passed the final piece of the First 100 Hours legislation, a plan that ends tax giveaways to large oil companies and, instead, reinvests this money in clean, renewable energy. HR 6, the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007, closes loopholes and ends subsidies for extremely profitable oil companies while invigorating the development of alternative fuels and clean energy technology. By investing in American ingenuity, we will create well-paying jobs and a more secure America.

Our reliance on oil is troubling. While our nation depends on nearly 21 million barrels of oil per day, we only produce 5 million barrels of our own. This represents a significant threat to both the health of our economy and our national security. Unless we reduce our economy's use of oil, we will continue to need to purchase oil abroad. I believe that we must act now to change the equation of our energy needs.

HR 6 is an important step in redefining our energy needs. Making real, significant investments in clean, renewable sources of energy will not only benefit the air we breathe, but will also bolster our national security. I applaud my colleagues in the House for passing this vital piece of legislation.

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