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Congressman Albio Sires Statement on World AIDS Day

Location: Unknown

Congressman Albio Sires Statement on World AIDS Day

"For more than two decades, AIDS has claimed the lives of millions of victims worldwide, depriving families of their loved ones and leaving scores of orphaned children. On December 1st we commemorate World AIDS Day to remind us that more must be done to eradicate this terrible disease.

"Worldwide, thousands around the world have taken action to help the victims of AIDS, not only in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Latin America as well but it is obvious we need to do more. There is a dire need for the millions of patients diagnosed with AIDS to have access to the antiretroviral medication that can keep them alive.

"Equally as important, education is the key to prevention. Keeping populations well informed to curb discrimination and promote protection is vital if we want to turn this sad day into one we can finally celebrate, when we are rid of this devastating disease.

"As Congressman, I will fight for increased funding for AIDS research and AIDS Education in the United States, and the countries that need it most.

"May this day unite us in remembering not to let down our guard until we achieve this life-saving goal."

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