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Blog: Paint by Numbers

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Paint by Numbers

As many of you know, over the weekend there was an anti-war protest here in DC. While the protest was peaceful, there was an incident that has caught people's attention around Capitol Hill.Â

According to The Hill newspaper, a small group of protesters were allowed to spray paint steps in front of the Capitol's West Front Lower Terrace. It is, of course, against the law to deface the United States Capitol. These protesters broke that law yet weren't arrested.

That begs the question - Why?  According to the Capitol Police FOP "the officers . . . are upset that some of this weekend's demonstrators were able to deface part of the Capitol complex . . . the officers . . . . were ordered to withdraw by their officials and let the demonstrators have the area where the graffiti was later discovered."Â

It's clear that the rank-and-file officers aren't too happy with the decision of the higher ups. And we don't blame them. It's not up to the Capitol Police to decide what laws to enforce and what laws not to enforce. It begs the question, where does it stop? Will future groups also be allowed to spray paint the Capitol? What if a group wants to burn something in effigy? Is that allowed?

It's a slippery slope, my friends.

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