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Support Our Troops

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KINGSTON. Madam Speaker, I wanted to speak today about the debate on the war. And I have the honor of representing Fort Stewart, home of the Third Infantry Division, which is located in Hinesville and Savannah, Georgia.

This month the Third Infantry will start its third deployment to Iraq. And as they go over there, certainly they know what is going on in Washington in terms of the debate. But I think it is real important that we don't send a signal to our men and women in harm's way that what they are doing is irrelevant, that we can't win, and that because Bush might be a President whose policies aren't perfect that we need to withdraw.

In fact, I think what we should do is reaffirm on a bipartisan basis that we support the troops. We want to get them all the up-armored vehicles that they need, the Cougars, for example, blue tracking, the advanced night vision goggles. We should say on a bipartisan basis, we want to give them absolutely all the military hardware that they need to win the war. And then, in a separate debate, have the discussion of what an alternative is, where is the plan of the Bush critics and what is the price of pulling out. And I think we need to make that statement. And I am glad SAM JOHNSON is moving in that direction.

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