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The Era Of Big Government Is Back

Location: Washington, DC


House Conference Secretary John Carter (TX-31) today pointed out that the Democrats' First 100 Hours were marked by a return to the failed big government policies of the past.

"Americans should be concerned that in their first 100 hours, Democrats have passed damaging bills to limit seniors' choices, raise taxes, and to expand the federal government," Carter said. "Every bill passed by the Democrat-led Congress in the First 100 Hours has led to either an increase in government bureaucracy or an increase in taxes. It is time for House Democrats to put the needs of Americans above their failed big government desires."

Below is a summary of the damaging bills that Democrats have passed in the 110th Congress:

· Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiating Act of 2007: Democrats gave the federal government control over prescription drug prices; meaning fewer choices for seniors and potentially keeping seniors from using their local pharmacists.

· Rules Package for the 110th Congress: Democrats voted against a measure that would have given Americans increased protections from tax increases. Increased taxes would be a reversal of pro-growth Republican policies that have made it possible for more Americans to have good-paying jobs, own homes, and provide for their families. They also laid the groundwork to raise taxes to pay for new government programs through pay as you go budgeting.

· Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act: Democrats created another layer of bureaucracy, making oversight more difficult and they unionized key homeland security personnel at the TSA.

· Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Government funding for the destruction of human life despite a new Harvard study indicating other stem cell research holds more promise without destroying life.

· Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007: A government mandate on businesses without protections for small business and their employees, Democrats also blocked efforts to provide access to affordable healthcare through small business health plans.

· Student Relief Act: Does nothing to make college more affordable for students while hurting private sector student lenders in favor of government control over student loans.

· CLEAN Energy Act of 2007: Democrats raised taxes on small business energy producers, which will discourage new energy exploration.

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