Sen. Salazar Expands Stricter Ethics Rules to Include Executive and Judicial Branches

By:  Ken Salazar
Date: Jan. 17, 2007
Location: Washington, DC

Sen. Salazar Expands Stricter Ethics Rules to Include Executive and Judicial Branches

United States Senator Ken Salazar today introduced an amendment with Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) to the Senate ethics reform package that would expand many of the soon-to-be new Congressional ethics rules to the executive and judicial branches of government.

"If you are going to clean out the barn, clean out the whole barn," said Senator Salazar. "This amendment would apply the principle that key ethics rules should, whenever practical, be uniform across the federal government. Corruption is not an ailment that only strikes the legislative branch. As we work to re-establish Americans' faith in their government we cannot fix part of the problem and leave the rest to chance."

The Nelson-Salazar amendment would:

* Apply the gift and travel bans which become the rules in the Senate upon passage of this bill to senior and very senior executive and judicial branch personnel;
* Ban all executive branch personnel from lobbying their former agency for one year after leaving government service; and
* Require senior and very senior executive branch personnel to disclose to the Office of Government Ethics any negotiation for private employment within 3 business days.

These three rule changes will be applied to the Senate once the new ethics bill is passed.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Senator Salazar said, "The principle is that important ethics rules should, when appropriate, apply uniformly to key policy-makers across government. The practical concern is that key government personnel should not accept any gifts from parties seeking action by the government; that all legislative and executive employees should adhere to a minimum revolving-door rule; and that senior public officials should not negotiate for future employment in secret."

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