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The Hold On To Your Wallet Congress

Location: Washington, DC

THE HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLET CONGRESS -- (House of Representatives - January 19, 2007)

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, this is the ``Hold on to Your Wallet Congress' because they have spent 100 hours getting into the taxpayers' wallet, and as we have heard them say, they have just gotten started.

We have had no regular order, no rules. They have made it easier to raise taxes by passing a semblance of PAYGO that makes spending permanent and tax relief temporary.

They don't want recorded votes because they don't want their constituents to know what they are voting on. They have passed a 9/11 bill that our private industry tells us is going to be billions of dollars in cost to the taxpayer. We have a minimum wage bill that is going to cost billions of dollars to small businesses and also brought about the Tunagate scandal.

Yes, you know, we are seeing it on every front, an energy bill that is going to raise taxes, not make gas more affordable, student loan legislation that doesn't do one single thing to help students get into college and stay in college.

Yes, hold on to your wallet, Mr. Speaker. They are coming for it.

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