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Amsterdam Prostitiution

Location: Washington, DC

AMSTERDAM PROSTITUTION -- (House of Representatives - January 19, 2007)

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, the coarsening of culture doesn't happen overnight. It is a slow, steady process that chips away at our moral compass; but every now and then something comes along that puts things in perspective and shows us how far the slide has gone.

I read recently that city officials in Amsterdam have approved putting up a statue of a prostitute as a tribute to prostitutes worldwide. Sadly, this strikes me as one of those times when we are able to step back and see just how far we have regressed. The last thing the world's prostitutes need is a statue commemorating the sex industry. The sex industry in places like Amsterdam and countless other cities worldwide is not something to be celebrated. It is a tragedy marked by forced sexual servitude, demeaning human exploitation, and unspeakable brokenness.

Each year, countless numbers of girls are kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. They lose not only their basic human dignity; many will lose their lives.

Mr. Speaker, these people don't need a statue. We need to help them get out of this exploitative lifestyle.

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