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Leader Boehner Calls Attention to Possible Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

Location: Washington, DC

Leader Boehner Calls Attention to Possible Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today highlighted new research findings at Wake Forest and Harvard Medical Schools concluding that amniotic non-embryonic stem cells may offer the same research possibilities as stem cells obtained through the destruction of living human embryos. According to a news story in the Washington Post today ("Scientists See Potential in Amniotic Stem Cells," Weiss, Rick, Pg. A07), amniotic stem cells "are highly versatile and readily available." Boehner issued the following statement:

"This discovery provides great promise for both the future of medical research and the protection of unborn human embryos, and may provide the basis for a consensus approach on the challenging issue of stem cell research.

"Once again, advancements in science and research are moving faster than the debates among politicians in Washington D.C. Science and innovative American research have consistently improved our quality of life, dramatically extended life expectancy, and respected the sanctity of life all at the same time. The breakthrough announced Sunday appears to confirm that the full potential of stem cell research can be realized without the destruction of living human embryos that are capable of growing into healthy human adults.

"The findings themselves also speak to the need for open and thorough Congressional hearings. In light of this breakthrough, I urge the Democratic leadership of the House to reconsider its decision to force stem cell legislation to a vote this week without hearings or committee debate."

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