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Dr. Coburn Comments on President Bush's Iraq Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Dr. Coburn Comments on President Bush's Iraq Speech

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released the following statement regarding President Bush's address to the nation on Iraq:

"It is vitally important to realize the dire global consequences should America abandon its mission in Iraq. Radical Islamic terrorists would control the country, aligning themselves with rogue nations like Syria and Iran while using one of the world's largest oil supplies to fund their terrorist activities. The region would be further destabilized as Iraq becomes a safe haven for terrorists plotting attacks against America and our allies, especially Israel."

"We must understand what motivates the terrorists we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the globe. They believe everyone must believe as they do or be killed. They preach intolerance and bomb churches and synagogues. We must take seriously their threats to wipe Israel off the map and their desire to see America defeated. Abandoning our mission in Iraq would hand these terrorists a great victory and further embolden them to attack us at home."

"When we consider Iraq and the war on terror we must ask ourselves, ‘Do we want to win?' If the answer is no, then we should immediately bring home our troops. Leaving our soldiers in harm's way if we do not intend to win would be a great dishonor. However, if our goal is to secure a future for our children and grandchildren that is free from terrorism, we cannot leave Iraq because we are dissatisfied with the progress being made."

"Mistakes have been made and it is proper for us to re-examine our tactics in Iraq. Americans want a change in the strategy in Iraq. They don't want a stalemate anymore. They want to win. However, we cannot be fooled into thinking leaving Iraq now will stop future attacks against America. Now is the time for us to ask ourselves whether we want to win the war on terror. For the safety and security of our future, the answer must be an emphatic ‘yes.'"

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