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Kingston Responds To President Bush's State of the Union Address

Location: Washington, DC

Kingston Responds To President Bush's State of the Union Address

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) issued the following statement after the President's State of the Union address tonight:

"Tonight President Bush demonstrated to Congress and the nation that he is still in control and relevant. His confidence and his vision showed that he is determined to be pro-active and make these last two years count rather than let them pass him by," Kingston stated.

"The President's move towards alternative energy is music to the ears of those of us who have been working on this issue for years. It is time we finally break our addiction to oil and achieve energy independence. We can reach this goal by embracing alternative energy. His target of reducing the country's gasoline usage by 20 percent in 10 years is something I believe we can accomplish. We can no longer afford to depend on the Hugo Chavez's of the world for our oil."

"The President also offered proposals on education, health care, immigration and spending reform. Each one deserves serious bipartisan consideration in Congress."

"But the war in Iraq continues to be the 500 pound gorilla in the room and we are going to have to deal with it. While I'm not 100% convinced that the President's plan will work, I am convinced that the military supports it. Failure in Iraq is not an option; there is too much at stake. However, it's finally time for Democrats to realize that bashing the President's plan isn't a substitute for offering one of their own."

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