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Ryan's Statement on President's Address to the Nation on Iraq

Location: Janesville, WI

Ryan's Statement on President's Address to the Nation on Iraq

First District Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin released the following written statement on the President's address to the nation on Iraq:

"Tonight, the President said what needed to be said: the current strategy in Iraq is failing. The question now before Congress and the American people is whether this new strategy will work or not. In my opinion, the key elements of a successful strategy include placing the responsibility for success on the Iraqis, giving the Iraqi people a real stake in their government, and securing Baghdad so that security can be maintained by Iraqi troops in the future. These points were addressed.

In the coming days, it is our job in Congress to dig into the details of this new strategy to assess its prospects. As we do this, we must bear in mind the consequences of failure in Iraq and how that affects American's national security. It is my sincere hope that this new change in strategy will hasten the day our brave troops come home and Iraq will not become a safe haven for terrorists."

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