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McConnell: Senators Must Work Together To "Find Bold Solutions To Big Problems"

Location: Washington, DC

McConnell: Senators Must Work Together To "Find Bold Solutions To Big Problems"

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday challenged his Senate colleagues to work together to find solutions to difficult issues. He delivered the remarks at the opening of the 110th Congress.

McConnell outlined several issues that the 110th Congress should address in the session, including lobbying reform, a minimum wage increase coupled with tax and regulatory relief, and border security. He stressed the importance of forging bipartisan alliances. The remarks followed a bipartisan morning caucus.

"I'm eager to work with my colleagues to find bold solutions to big problems," said McConnell "The Senate can accomplish great things over the next two years, but this opportunity will surely slip from our grasp if we do not commit ourselves to a restoration of civility and common purpose."

While addressing the accomplishments of past divided governments, McConnell discussed the legacy of Henry Clay and pledged to find solutions to the challenges facing the nation free from partisan wrangling.

"Clay shows us that divided government need not be divisive. Indeed, it often leads to historic agreements that unity governments have little incentive to achieve," added McConnell. "I stake my party to a pledge: when faced with an urgent issue, we will act; when faced with a problem, we will seek solutions, not mere political advantage."

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