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Bono Votes to Protect Energy Independence and the Interests of American Consumers

Location: Washington, DC


A long-standing champion of expanding alternative energy resources and environmental conservancy, Congresswoman Mary Bono (CA-45) voted against the Democratic Energy Bill, The CLEAN Energy Act of 2007 (H.R. 6); and voted in favor of the Motion to Recommit H.R. 6.

The enactment of The CLEAN Energy Act will abolish key tax incentives for oil and natural gas companies to produce and manufacture their products in the United States. Enacted in 2005, the tax incentives permit oil and natural gas companies to write off a percentage of their costs from domestic manufacturing, production, construction and extraction. All other companies that qualify as 'domestic manufacturers' will continue to receive the tax incentives.

"America is too dependant on foreign oil," stated Bono. "The components of this legislation send a negative message to America's energy producers and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are employed by them. While I am in strong support of advancing forms of renewable energy, we can further this pursuit without placing jobs and American companies at risk. This bill would only force domestic energy producers to seek oil and natural gas in provinces where Democracy is condemned, where price negotiations are mocked, and where the concern to preserve and protect endangered wildlife does not exist."

The bill would also increase taxes and fees on domestic oil and gas companies that choose to manufacture in America. Additionally, H.R. 6 does not increase the tax and fees on foreign energy production that is imported into the United States.

The CLEAN Energy Act of 2007 passed the House with a vote of 264 to 123.

"Our addiction to foreign oil threatens both our national and economic security," said Bono. "This Democratic Energy Bill not only poses the threat of paying higher prices at the pump, but could threaten the jobs of thousands of Americans. Congress has repeatedly promised Americans greater independence from foreign oil; but this legislation fails that commitment. We must conserve and stabilize the resources we have; while devising legislation that supports research and development efforts into clean alternative fuels."

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