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Transit Flexibility

Location: Washington, DC

TRANSIT FLEXIBILITY -- (House of Representatives - January 16, 2007)

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to highlight an issue of importance to many of our Nation's small- and medium-sized public transportation systems. Outdated population limits established in law in the seventies have caused many of these transit agencies to lose flexibility in the way they spend Federal funds. As a result, many of these systems, approximately 110 to be exact, will be forced to dramatically scale back their operations, and that means not having a ride to work for thousands of riders.

In the coming days, I plan to reintroduce the Transit System Flexibility Act. This bill will allow local officials flexibility in the way they spend their Federal funds and save them from having to shut down important bus routes. And it will not cost any additional taxpayer money.

Madam Speaker, local officials know their own needs best. This is a sensible solution to an urgent problem, and I hope my colleagues who represent one of these 110 small transit systems will cosponsor the bill.

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