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Contract With America Vs. 100 Hours Agenda

Location: Washington, DC

CONTRACT WITH AMERICA VS. 100 HOURS AGENDA -- (House of Representatives - January 18, 2007)

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, another day, another closed rule governing consideration of legislation in the people's House. The other side likes to highlight the bipartisan support for their so-called 100 hours agenda. But almost 2 1/2 weeks into it, Republicans have yet to be allowed a single amendment on this floor. No committee hearings, no amendments, no alternatives.

Mr. Speaker, it doesn't have to be this way. In 1995, the process under the new Republican majority was far more open. Just look at the numbers. The Contract with America was comprised of 24 bills. Only three of those bills were considered under a closed rule. Democrats were allowed to offer 154 amendments to the Contract with America legislation and 48 of those amendments passed.

Mr. Speaker, the people's House should be a place where all the people have a voice, opportunity to offer amendments, alternatives, and let the best idea win. Under Democratic rule, that is not the case.

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