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Statement Regarding House Rules Package Offered By Democrats

Location: Washington, DC


The following is a statement from U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof regarding the new House Rules package as offered by the Democrat Party:

"Last year, when the House considered ethics reform legislation, I broke ranks with my own party's leadership because the bill they crafted failed to provide for meaningful enforcement of ethics rules. In addition, the process under which it was considered did not allow members to make the improvements I felt were needed to restore the public's faith in the House of Representatives.

"When the Democrats prevailed in the November elections, I hoped their leadership would stay true to their word and not only pass a meaningful ethics reform package, but that the House would have a full and open debate on the issue.

"Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team have failed to fulfill this promise. Though some of the changes to House rules approved today merit support, the package completely ignores the need to give the House Ethics Committee the tools required to aggressively enforce the rules that govern the conduct of members. Based on my previous service on the Ethics Committee, I am convinced this is a vital component of any ethics reform package.

"Last year, I coauthored a bipartisan ethics reform proposal that would provide for meaningful enforcement, and had there been an opportunity for an open debate, I would have offered an amendment to put the House on record on this needed improvement. Unfortunately, the need for good public relations strategy is apparently more important to the Democrat Leadership than are real changes that will promote integrity and public confidence in the House of Representatives."

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