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Ryan Statement on House Passage of Iraq Resolution

Location: Washington, DC

Ryan Statement on House Passage of Iraq Resolution

First District Congressman Paul Ryan today voted against H. Con. Res. 63, a non-binding resolution that passed the House of Representatives today that expresses congressional disapproval of the strategy of deploying additional combat troops to Iraq.

Ryan, who on Wednesday spoke against this resolution on the House floor, today made the following statement about the vote:

"Although it would have been easier, politically, to vote for this resolution, I cannot in good conscience send our troops such a demoralizing message that undermines their mission," Ryan said. "Though it may be well-intentioned, this resolution does nothing but broadcast to our brave men and women in Iraq - and their enemies - that Congress doesn't believe they can succeed at the mission they are trying to achieve. This is a dangerous message to send at this critical point. It hurts our troops' morale and gives hope to the terrorists and insurgents."

"This resolution is the wrong way of conducting the debate our country needs to have about the way forward in Iraq. It criticizes, without offering an alternative plan for winning in Iraq. And it does nothing to acknowledge the very real consequences of failure, which include the likelihood of sectarian genocide in Iraq, the creation of a safe haven for terrorists to strike at us and other free societies, and power grabs by hostile nations such as Iran and Syria."

"We can have honest disagreements about strategy in Iraq, but we should be careful not to undermine our soldiers in the process. Today's purely symbolic resolution may send a message to the President, but it sends an even louder negative message to our troops in harm's way and the deadly enemy they face, telling them that Congress has no confidence we can win. That's not a message we should be sending."

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