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Umatilla County Farmers

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

UMATILLA COUNTY FARMERS -- (House of Representatives - February 14, 2007)

Mr. WALDEN of Oregon. Mr. Speaker, the failure of Congress to reauthorize the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act is a breach of promise to the more than 600 forested counties across America and 4,400 school districts.

In Umatilla County, Oregon, it is the number one food producing county in the State. For them, a well-maintained road system is critical to ensuring family farmers can compete in this global market. With more than 340 bridges and, a State high, 1,650 miles of road, Umatilla County faces a significant infrastructure maintenance backlog and challenge.

County Commissioner Dennis Doherty says, ``American farms are dependent on a farm-to-market road system and loss of those funds will cripple our local road system.''

Tammy Dennee, executive director of the Oregon Wheat Growers League said, ``Global competition starts locally. Being the number one wheat producing county in the State, it is vital to farmers here that the road system is dependable.''

My colleagues, Congress must keep faith with these timbered counties and pass H.R. 17. Our future depends on it, our credibility depends on it, and time is running out.

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