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Engel Named A Best Representative For Children

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


The Children's Defense Fund Action Council today congratulated Representative Eliot Engel as one of the "Best Representatives for Children" based on his voting record in the past Congress.

Rep. Engel said, "I won this designation because I voted consistently against the Republican agenda of tax breaks for the rich and the estate tax reduction at the expense of people in need, and for legislation that would help the poor in areas such as housing and nutrition. That unseemly agenda of making the rich even richer came at a cost to the middle and working classes, the poor, the needy, and the young."

The CDF said that its scorecard graded every member of Congress based on key votes affecting children, "Rep. Engel voted to protect the health and well being of New York's children 100 percent of the time." The statement said. "He achieved this distinction by voting to support increased investment in education and health care programs for our children."

CDF President Marian Wright Edelman said, "While the rest of Congress found time to give tax breaks to powerful special interests and the wealthiest Americans, Rep. Engel instead voted to make the health and well-being of children the priority. He is a dedicated advocate for children and has truly earned the distinction of being one of the best Representatives for Children."

The CDF scorecard was based on 10 pieces of legislation that included the 2006 budget, tax cuts for the wealthy, the 2007 budget resolution, increased nutritional funding, help for heating costs, increased low-income housing, the minimum wage and estate tax deduction.

"Under the Republican Congress we went from having a budget surplus to the largest deficit in the history of the world," said Rep. Engel. "And it came at a heavy cost to those who could bear it least."

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