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Iraq Study Group Report

Location: Washington, DC

IRAQ STUDY GROUP REPORT -- (House of Representatives - December 07, 2006)

Mr. COOPER. Mr. Speaker, the Iraq Study Group has completed its work. Now it is available for all Americans to read. I would urge everyone to pick up a copy. It is only 96 pages. It contains 79 recommendations, and it is a vitally important tool to inform the debate on Iraq.

Regardless of how you feel about this report, the men and women of this commission did a commendable job in reaching a consensus. If only the American people can do the same thing.

Voters voted for change. We will have change. And over the next coming weeks during the Christmas holidays, we need to inform the debate so that everyone can give us, your representatives, your opinion about how the war should be conducted or how it should be ended. So this is a very helpful tool. It is now available for everyone. I urge all of our citizens to pick up a copy.

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