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Location: Washington, DC

CHRISTMAS -- (Senate - December 07, 2006)


Mr. DeWINE. Mr. President, I say to my neighbor in West Virginia, my friend and my colleague, first of all, that the poem he just recited is one that my wife Frances and I learned in the seventh grade in Yellow Springs. The Senator reciting it brings back very good memories, not only of the poem but of being in the seventh grade with my friends.

There will be many things about this Senate that I will miss, and certainly one that I will miss is having the opportunity to sit here and to listen to my colleague from West Virginia as he speaks. It is a great privilege. It is a great thrill.

I must tell him, however, that there is C-SPAN in Cedarville, OH. I suspect the library does get the Congressional Record at Cedarville College and other places, so I will have the opportunity to listen to him and read what he has to say. He is a great treasure of this Senate.

I might also tell my colleague, as I told him personally yesterday, that I will carry around with me and keep with me and prize the small Constitution that I know is in his pocket right now that he gave me. I deeply appreciate that. And I know he gave one to the Presiding Officer as well.

One of the first things I did when I came to the Senate in January of 1995 was walk across the hall to see Senator Byrd. Senator Byrd was kind enough to give me his ``History of the Senate.'' I have cherished that, have read it. That will be going back with Frances and myself to Ohio. If I do, I say to my colleague from West Virginia, do what I hope to do--do a little teaching at the college level--I am sure those books will certainly come in very handy.

I thank my colleague for his friendship and for his great service now beginning this January his ninth term in the Senate.

One final note. I will tell my colleague, and I don't know if I have told him this, but my son and my daughter-in-law and our new granddaughter now live in West Virginia, so they are constituents of my colleague.


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