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Straight Talk With Sam (Supporting Our Troops)

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Straight Talk With Sam (Supporting Our Troops)

In this time of war, I think it is important that lawmakers give our troops the tools necessary to win the war on terrorism. Congress this year has done that by passing bills that not only give our troops money to fight the war on terror today, but by looking toward the future needs of our Armed Forces.

In addition to funding critical defense needs including troop protection, operation and maintenance, research and development, and emergency wartime appropriation needs, Congress allocated almost $23 billion to ensure Army and Marine Corps troops are fully equipped with updated and refurbished equipment

Congress also acted to support our future needs on an ever-changing battlefield. Technologies like ballistic missile defense programs and new improvised explosive device countermeasures to protect our troop on the ground were included in this year's defense funding bill. As the world changes, so must our Armed Forces.

We took care of basic soldier needs. We fully funded a military pay raise and increased the allowance for housing. I think it's important that troops fighting for our freedom overseas do not have to scrape together money for basic necessities at home.

I support our troops, just as you do, and I will make sure that they have the tools they need to complete their mission.

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