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Irish-American Heritage Month

Location: Washington, DC

IRISH-AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH -- (Extensions of Remarks - December 08, 2006)

* Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the resolution calling for a month to remember the significant achievements and contributions that Irish-Americans have made to our Nation.

* Throughout our more than 200 years of history as a Nation and during our colonial period, countless immigrants from the Emerald Isle have arrived on our shores. Irish-Americans have been instrumental in building up our strong, free, and prosperous Nation at every turn in our Nation's rich history. Despite initial discrimination, Irish-Americans used the freedom and opportunity of the United States to build strong communities and businesses and prove themselves great Americans.

* Though many Irish came to American shores with little but the clothes on their backs, their hard work and integrity made them great American leaders. While we are all aware of President Kennedy's pride in his Irish heritage, 18 other presidents are of Irish descent including Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, and Ronald Reagan.

* There is a great legacy of Irish-American service in our military with many recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor claiming Irish heritage or birth. Irish immigrants have contributed significantly in our Armed Services as well, ensuring full freedom for all Americans.

* While many Americans remember their Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day, because of the great contribution of Irish-Americans to our Nation, it is fitting that we dedicate an entire month of ceremonies and celebrations to their achievements.

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