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Markey Slams FDA Inaction on Unapproved Drugs on Market

Location: Washington, DC


oday, Rep. Ed Markey released the following statement on the recent reports that more unapproved drugs are on the market and the FDA is taking little action to take them off the market or punish those companies who are skirting the laws and regulations to get drugs on the market. Rep. Markey will also be sending a letter today to the FDA asking more questions about this serious issue.

"The FDA is responsible for ensuring that drugs are safe and effective; and they are also responsible for going after companies that mislead the public and refuse to have their products evaluated. The public health is put at risk when untested and unapproved products are on shelves but it appears that the FDA is turning a blind eye to the marketing and sales of thousands of unapproved drugs. The FDA should not sit idly by while companies market products that could be worse than snake oil. The FDA should either ask these companies to provide evidence that their products are safe and effective or the FDA should order them off the market immediately."

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