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Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act of 2005

Location: Washington, DC

GYNECOLOGIC CANCER EDUCATION AND AWARENESS ACT OF 2005 -- (House of Representatives - November 14, 2006)


Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, of course I rise today in support of H.R. 1245, the Gynecologic Cancer Education bill, also known as Johanna's bill.

This very important bill authorizes an early detection and awareness campaign directed at women and health care providers. Approximately 80,000 women a year will be diagnosed with some form of gynecological cancer, and close to 28,000 women will die from these cancers. Early detection is the key to survival. But so many women and their providers are unaware of symptoms and risk factors.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a reliable screening test for ovarian cancer. Women need to know the symptoms so that they can be diagnosed early. Studies demonstrate that early detection is the key to survival. When diagnosed early, women have a 90 percent chance of survival. However, that number drops to 50 percent or less when these cancers are diagnosed in the late stages. It is a sobering statistic that over three-fourths of the women with ovarian cancer are not diagnosed until the latter stages, making this the fifth leading cause of cancer death among American women. We need to turn these statistics around.

By creating a national public awareness campaign conducted through the Department of Health and Human Services, this bill helps distribute materials that will provide information to the public. This bill will also help develop public service announcements that encourage women to discuss their risk for gynecologic cancers with their health and care providers and alert them to early warning signs. Finally, HHS will award demonstration grants to nonprofit organizations to develop innovative outreach programs.

I urge Members to pass this important legislation today so that we can begin to improve and save the lives of many women with gynecologic cancers. I am pleased that we are moving forward on this legislation, and I encourage this body to move legislation aimed at mending the SGR for physicians before Congress recesses.


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