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Trade Laws Modification

Location: Washington, DC

TRADE LAWS MODIFICATION -- (House of Representatives - December 08, 2006)


Mr. SIMMONS. I thank the gentleman for his courtesy. I rise in support of extending permanent trade relations to Vietnam. I do this as somebody, who as a Vietnam veteran, served in that country for almost 4 years, and who 3 years ago returned to Vietnam with the assistance of the Vietnamese Government to look for the crash site and remains of Captain Arnold Holm from Waterford, Connecticut, who went down in 1972.

We spent a week with the Vietnamese looking for the crash site, did not find it. But just this year, with continued effort, located the crash site 200 meters from the location in the jungle where my wife and I and others were looking. This legislation is about more than just economics, although the economics are important. This legislation is about working with the Vietnamese to heal the wounds of the war that ended 30 years ago.

I personally have experienced the support of the Vietnamese Government in this initiative. I know that support will continue. As a Vietnam veteran, I urge my colleagues to support this legislation.


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