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CNN Larry King Live - Transcript

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CNN Larry King Live - Transcript


KING: You're looking at the CNN election express parked outside the Time Warner Studios and building here in Manhattan.

Let's go to Beaver Creek, Ohio, Senator Mike DeWine stands by, Republican of Ohio running for reelection. What does it look like, Senator?

SEN. MIKE DEWINE (R), OHIO: Larry, it looks great. I've traveled around the state today with my wife Fran and many of our children and grandchildren. There's great enthusiasm, a lot of calls being made.

Right here in Beaver Creek, there was 350 people who were here tonight for our final rally and they had been all making calls during the day. So, we feel really good about it.

KING: You were even about a month ago and now the polls have Mr. Brown ahead by about ten percent. Are they wrong or what happened?

DEWINE: They're wrong, Larry. They're a couple days old and what we're seeing great movement. The pollsters are not accounting for this groundswell that we're seeing.

And, you know, frankly the message is getting across that I have worked in a bipartisan way in Congress. I've gotten things done. I've reached across the political aisle to make a difference. My opponent is fundamentally different. My opponent in 14 years in the House of Representatives has only passed four bills, three having to do with the country of Taiwan and one having to do with renaming a federal building.

In addition to that, people now are understanding that when he was secretary of state he had three drug investigations in his office. There was a drug buy, a drug dealer in his office. He knew about it. He was briefed on it. After the buy was made instead of firing this person, Sherrod Brown kept this person in the office and actually promoted them. That is shocking to me as a former county prosecutor and I think it's shocking to most Ohioans.

KING: Isn't thought the overall picture of Iraq or the government's handling of Katrina fall a little bit in your bailiwick?

DEWINE: I think, Larry, that people are concerned about a lot of things. They're certainly concerned about the war. They're certainly concerned about many things. In Ohio, we've had scandals at the State House.

My opponent has tried to link me to these scandals. He knows that I'm honest. I've had no scandal. And the ironic thing is he's the person that's had the scandal associated with him, not me.

KING: Has President Bush hurt or helped you?

DEWINE: The president has come in. He's campaigned for me. I mean look, Larry, the reality is the president's popularity is way down. Our governor, incumbent Republican governor's popularity is way down here in the state. We have these problems.

They're not associated with me. And, bluntly, I'm the person who has worked in a bipartisan way to get things done. The one thing, Larry, that people tell me, whether I'm here in Beaver Creek or whether I'm in Cleveland where I started today is people say, "Mike, we're sick and tired of this partisan bickering we see in Washington. Why can't you people work together?"

And, in this race, Larry, there's only one candidate of the two of us who's worked in a bipartisan way. I've worked with Chris Dodd to get better medicines for children. I've worked with Senator Byrd to help the steel industry, Jay Rockefeller on adoption and foster care and highway safety and I've done it successfully.

My opponent is on the far, far fringe of the Democratic Party. He's further left than Ted Kennedy. He does not represent the values of the people of the state of Ohio.

KING: Do you need a big turnout, Senator?

DEWINE: We're going to have a great turnout from people, Republicans, and people who want to support me. These calls are indicating that we're seeing -- going to see a big, big turnout. That's moved, Larry. We weren't going to see that two weeks ago or three weeks ago. This thing has kicked in for our side very, very strong. And I think it's also kicked in because people understand this is a race between Sherrod Brown and Mike DeWine, no one else. It's not about the president, not about anybody. It's who can represent this great state for the next six years and get things done and I'm the one who gets things done. Sherrod Brown talks about issues but I do it.

KING: Thanks, Senator, Senator Mike DeWine. We'll be talking to you again tomorrow and good luck.

DEWINE: Thank you, Larry, look forward to it.


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