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Indiana's second district debate

Location: Unknown

Indiana's second district debate

October 28, 2006

The battle for Indiana's second district continues.
Saturday night, the two candidates who want to represent the second district debated at WNDU studios.

Incumbent Republican Chris Chocola and Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly answered questions from a panel.

In a one hour live debate, incumbent Republican Chris Chocola and Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly took questions.

Both agreed the war in Iraq is the most important issue facing the country.

"I think if we have a 12-18 month timeframe we can achieve success. And we need to see things like in Ramadi, have more Iraqi troops standup, so our troops can stand down," explained Donnelly.

The issue of affordable healthcare was also on the lineup.

"I support things like health savings accounts, association healthcare plans, small business plans, to make sure small businesses can bind together and buy healthcare like a big biz can," explained Chocola.

Both Chocola and Donnelly spoke to the issue of negative campaign ads coming from both camps.

"For 4 months Chris hit me over the head with a baseball bat, I didn't run my first ad until the beginning of September and ad after ad blasted me in a smearing way. And at some point you have to stand up for yourself," stated Donnelly.

"And we talked about you know, all you gotta do is the move on ads and all the other ads coming from outside this district, all you have to do is say they shouldn't be here, but you decided to say there's nothing I can do about these ads," stated Chocola.

The two candidates also addressed the issue of gay marriage.

"The only way we're going to have effective support of the traditional notion of marriage between a man and woman is to have a constitutional amendment," explained Chocola.

"Marriage is a traditional union between a man and woman and I support that. I've not said anything on the constitutional or federal level, of supporting it, because we have two layers of protection in place," explained Donnelly.

With just over a week left until the election, the race is now in the hands of the voters who will head to the polls November seventh. Polls are open from six AM to six PM.,104,0,0,1,0

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