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Message From Mazie 10/5/06

Location: Unknown

October 5, 2006


The General Election campaign is now in full swing, and no matter how long the days are, I am constantly energized by my meetings with voters all across the district. Your support has left me humbled, grateful, and more committed than ever to carry your concerns to Congress.

Some of my most memorable encounters are with our elders, the kupuna who have given so much to make our lives better.

One way we as a country repay this debt to our senior citizens is by providing the protection of our Social Security system. One of the most successful social insurance programs ever created, it provides a level of financial security to nearly fifty percent of our nation's elderly population, while also helping children and those with disabilities.

The Bush administration has targeted Social Security for changes that would threaten this vital and successful program. While the administration's recent attempt to privatize Social Security accounts ultimately failed, that does not mean their efforts have ended.

I will be a strong voice against dangerous changes to Social Security. Our seniors deserve no less. No less than a safe, well-managed program that helps ensure some comfort in their later years. No less than a sincere, unconditional acknowledgement of our commitment to those who truly need our support. No less than a guarantee from our government that critical benefits will be there when they are needed—free from the volatility of the stock market, free from unregulated private management, and free from the kind of self-serving posturing that ignores our obligations in order to score political points.

We cannot waver in our dedication to the ideals that have made our state the envy of our nation. As I make my way across our state, please come meet me, share your concerns, and help make sure your voice is heard in Washington.

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