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Message From Mazie 9/24/06

Location: Unknown

It's good news! Thanks to the voters of the Second District and the hard working volunteers who have always helped in my campaigns, I am pleased to announce that I am the Democratic nominee for Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District.

This is a great night - the close of a great primary campaign.

But it is also the beginning. It is the first of many, many long campaign days and nights ahead. Days in which we all have to pull together - to remind ourselves, our friends, our family of the high stakes of the November Election.

What's at stake?

We have a President who continues to ignore reality. We have a President who is spending more than $200 million each day on a war with thousands of lives lost, and no plan for peace. We have a President who has done everything in his power to fight for big oil and pharmaceutical companies and for the richest people in the country.

What will I fight for?

I will fight for our veterans. They kept their promise to us, and now we must keep our promise to them. I will fight for our environment - our air, our water, and our coastlines. I will fight for the 45 million people living without health insurance in this, the richest country in the world. I will fight for the millions of children being left behind by bad education policy.

It is time to send a strong, effective voice to Congress - a strong voice for Hawai`i that will say "enough." "Enough" to the Bush administration. "Enough" to the Republicans in Congress. "Enough" to the flagrant abuses of power.

I am that strong, effective voice. I have a proven ability to get things done for Hawaii's families.

Time and time again I have fought for you. I fought against special interests, and for our working families. I fought for consumers. I fought for our children and for our teachers. I fought for homeowners.

Now it's time for me to take that fight to Washington.

This is the beginning of an exciting six weeks. I look forward to working alongside you to win this race. Thank you - for everything you've done, and for your help in the weeks ahead.

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