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Allen Barnstorms the State with Senator Thune, Lt. Governor Bolling, and Attorney General McDonnell

Location: Arlington, VA

Allen Barnstorms the State with Senator Thune, Lt. Governor Bolling, and Attorney General McDonnell

Touts Proven Record at Rallies: Focuses on Keeping Taxes Low, Creating Jobs

Senator Allen is barnstorming across Virginia today, holding rallies with voters in Springfield, Winchester, Weyers Cave, Lynchburg, Danville and Bristol at which he is discussing his proven record of accomplishments on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is joined by Senator Thune (R-SD), Lt. Governor Bolling, and the Attorney General of Virginia, Bob McDonnell.

Allen focused his remarks on his record of keeping taxes low and creating jobs for the people of Virginia. "I trust free people and free enterprise, and that means I believe families and small businesses know how to use their money better than the government does. As your Governor, I cut taxes by $1 billion. As your Senator, I am proud to have co-sponsored 3 rounds of tax cuts, which lowered taxes on families, retirees, and small business owners. These low-tax policies have played a vital role in America's economic prosperity - and we need to take action to prevent tax increases.

"This is a fundamental disagreement between me and my opponent. My opponent would join John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and other Washington liberals who want to raise your taxes. That might sound good in Washington or New York City, but raising taxes on Virginia families will hurt our economy and cost us jobs."

Senator Thune, who defeated then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle under Allen's chairmanship of the NRSC, had high praise for Allen's record and decried the baseless attacks against it. "It is clear why D.C. Democrats like Clinton, Kennedy and Kerry have been such generous investors in Jim Webb's Senate race. Not only are they looking to add a partner who will join them in trying to raise taxes, they are looking to defeat a man who led the Republican Party to victory in 2004.

"I am proud to be here with George Allen, who has done so much to keep taxes low and create jobs for the people of Virginia and for the people of this country. The tax cuts he helped pass in 2001 and 2003 have benefited over three million Virginians, and unemployment is at just 4.4%. Thanks to leaders like George Allen, the economy is strong. And we need more leaders like him fighting for us."

A new economic report published yesterday shows that employment is at 95.6%, which is the highest employment rate since May 2001. More than 6.8 million jobs have been created since the 2003 tax cuts. (DOL October Employment Report; White House Economic Fact Sheet, November 3, 2006)

Lt. Governor Bolling also lauded Allen's record: "As Governor of Virginia from 1993-1997, George Allen led the effort to abolish parole, reform welfare, promote higher academic standards in our public schools; and bring new business, industry and jobs to Virginia. And for the past six years, George Allen has provided us with the same kind of consistent, conservative leadership in Washington, DC. George Allen has earned our trust and support."

During his tenure as Governor, George Allen helped create the conditions that transformed the Old Dominion the Silicon Dominion. From 1994 to 1998, Governor Allen recruited an unprecedented $14 billion in new investments and helped to create more than 312,000 net new private sector jobs, many in the high-tech sector.

"For the first time in our history this year, computer chips have surpassed cigarettes as the number one export from Virginia," said Allen. "That is progress."

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell reminded voters why they have reelected Allen to office before, and why they ought to do so again: "George Allen, as Senator and Governor, has made our streets safer, our schools better, and our economy stronger. I look forward to joining George Allen to take his positive record out to the voters over the next three days. I strongly support George Allen for Senate, and I encourage my fellow Virginians to vote for George Allen for Senate on November 7."

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