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Families, Marriage, and Children

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Families, Marriage, and Children

My values are rooted in my religious faith and in my years of work as a health care
provider, before I went to Congress to represent the great group of people that call the
Third District home.
Traditional marriage is a union between a man and woman, and is at the very foundation
of our society. Strong marriages between a man and a woman produce strong families,
which then result in a strong nation. In America activist judges with their own agendas
are trying to change the definition of marriage.
Because of this, I proudly cosponsored and voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment.
This bill would define marriage in the Constitution and protect it from unelected judges
who legislate on the bench in an effort to redefine marriage. Any state's voters and
legislatures could grant civil unions if they desired without affecting the rights of other
states. This has not yet passed the Senate, but I will continue to support it in the House.
Strong families are necessary for the future of our nation and I feel strong families are
founded in respect for life. As a strong believer in the dignity of all human life, I am
unapologetically committed to work to defend those who cannot defend themselves. To
this end, I have supported measures before Congress that promote the sanctity of life,
including an immediate ban on the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion and charging
criminals with a separate crime if an act of violence against a pregnant woman results in
the killing or injuring of the woman's unborn child. I also support the expansion of tax
credits and encourage other support for adoption. I also co-sponsored and voted for
legislation to ban human cloning.

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