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Press Release - Washington Republicans Finance Carcieri Ad

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Press Release - Washington Republicans Finance Carcieri Ad

National GOP Launches More False Negative Attacks Against Fogarty

Gov. Donald Carcieri has joined a litany of Republicans across the country who are in danger of losing their elections and have turned to the Washington Republicans for help.

Today the Republican Gubernatorial Association (RGA) has come to Carcieri's aid and launched more false negative attacks against Charlie Fogarty.

"In race after race across the country the Washington Republicans have tossed out the facts in a desperate attempt to salvage some of their party's political power. Today they have added the Rhode Island governor's race to their cynical strategy," Fogarty stated.

The RGA commercial follows the same false line of attack first delivered by the Carcieri campaign. The new RGA negative attack ad distorts a Fogarty/Common Cause bill requiring financial disclosure for elected officials.

Fogarty stated, "If there was every any doubt that Gov. Carcieri was tied into the policies of the Republican Party and George Bush, this last minute attempt to throw mud against the wall is evidence of that tie. It is also clear evidence that the governor is struggling to save his campaign."

"The Washington Republicans are so supportive of Carcieri's policies, record and beliefs and so desperate to save a Bush ally that they are willing to dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into Rhode Island to perpetuate these lies," Fogarty added.[06]%20News/[3]%20Press%20Releases/2006.10.25&Language=en_us

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