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Press Release - Fogarty Announces Environmental and Energy Plan

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Press Release - Fogarty Announces Environmental and Energy Plan

Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Fogarty today released the details of his Environmental and Energy Plan.

Fogarty, who wrote one of the country's toughest oil spill laws following the North Cape oil spill and created a permanent fund for habitat restoration, has been a champion of the environment.

"A healthy environment - a clean and adequate water supply, clean air, a vibrant Bay, outstanding recreational areas and open spaces - is one of our most important public trusts and essential to public health and our quality of life," Fogarty stated. "Preserving our environment and its natural resources also is an investment in Rhode Island's economic well-being."

Fogarty added, "Our economic development efforts must help Rhode Island grow in a sustainable way that enriches our economy and protects the natural resources that make Rhode Island a special place to live and work."

Fogarty's plan focuses on preserving our open space, smart growth and calls for Rhode Island to immediately join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to help fight global warming, reduce air pollution, increase the use of renewable energy and control energy costs.

The plan includes emphasis on protecting Narragansett Bay through increased monitoring and reducing nitrogen levels as well as a better dredging Program. It also calls for a smarter approach for dealing with our water supply and more protection of our groundwater.

To address our state's energy needs and to protect consumers from escalating prices Fogarty's plan calls for renewable energy development that includes an aggressive pursuit of wind and solar energy as well as the use of alternative fuels.[06]%20News/[3]%20Press%20Releases/2006.10.20&Language=en_us

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