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Congressman Jim Davis Calls for Vote to Repeal Medicare Premium Increases

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jim Davis Calls for Vote to Repeal Medicare Premium Increases

Today, Congressman Jim Davis joined his Democratic colleagues in petitioning for a vote on legislation to repeal provisions in the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act which will dramatically hike many seniors' Medicare premiums.

Starting on January 1, 2007 , nearly two million seniors will see their Medicare premiums rise. The standard premium for Medicare Part B will increase from $88.50 to $93.50 a month, but for those with incomes over $80,000, premiums will skyrocket - to more than $160 a month for some seniors. Within three years, certain seniors will pay nearly $400 a month in premiums.

Furthermore, while the Medicare Modernization Act would have adjusted this $80,000 means test limit for inflation, the President's budget proposal eliminates inflation adjustments. Thus, over the years, as inflation rises, more and more middle-income seniors will reach the $80,000 threshold and be forced to pay dramatically higher Medicare premiums.

In response, Congressman Davis has signed a discharge petition to bring H.R. 5147 to the House floor for a vote. This legislation would repeal the means test provisions in the Medicare Modernization Act.

"The Medicare program's popularity and success can largely be attributed to its steady, affordable premiums and universal coverage," said Congressman Jim Davis. "These premium increases threaten to undermine the entire Medicare program by making it unaffordable for some seniors and potentially driving away these higher income, healthier participants. Congress should not risk dismantling Medicare, a bedrock for America's seniors."

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