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Press Release - Perry: Bell a Tax Hiking Liberal Texans Can't Afford

Location: North Texas

Perry: Bell a Tax Hiking Liberal Texans Can't Afford

NORTH TEXAS - Today, Gov. Rick Perry took his reelection campaign Proud of Texas bus tour to McKinney, Dallas, Denton and North Richland Hills and took Chris Bell to task as a tax-hiking liberal Texans can't afford.

"Despite a record surplus, my Democrat opponent wants to raise taxes," Perry said. "He said he would rollback our record property tax cut, support a payroll tax on jobs, and he even said he would raise the business tax rate, and it hasn't even become law yet."

"But this is no surprise, because it took Congressman Bell only one term in Congress to vote for higher taxes 10 times," Perry said. "And while he may have forgotten his record in Washington, Texas remembers."

Bell voted against an increase in the child tax credit in Congress, and has stated his desire to rollback the record school property taxes and increase business taxes. Earlier this year a record budget surplus was certified.

As governor, I refused to raise taxes when we had a $10 billion budget deficit," Perry said. "And I sure as heck won't do it with an $8 billion surplus."

Perry signed a record school property tax cut that will reduce school property taxes by $15.5 billion over three years. His plan reformed the business tax, closing corporate loopholes and providing Texans a net tax cut of about $7 billion.

"I'm running for reelection because Texans deserve a governor who will stand for their values, fight for their priorities and deliver on promises," Gov. Perry said. "I am the only candidate for governor who has done in office what was promised on the campaign trail."

Gov. Perry thanked the supporters who gathered at each campaign stop for the progress that has been made since he was last elected. "When I think about how far this state has come over the last four years, all the gains we've made in the classroom, all the jobs we've attracted from other states, all the work we've done to protect our border when Washington wouldn't, I thank God for the thousands of Texans who stood up with me in 2002 and fought for Texas' future," Gov. Perry said.

Gov. Perry said he was proud to stand on his record of securing the border. He ordered the National Guard to help secure the Texas border a full 6 months before the president requested it, and has since launched the most aggressive state-led border security initiative in America. The governor noted that surge operations have cut crime by an average of 60 percent along the border.

"It's time for Washington to understand: you cannot have homeland security until you have border security," Perry said. "In Texas, we haven't waited for Washington to act. We are putting more boots on the ground, more helicopters in the sky and more resources into the hands of border law enforcement so they can stop illegal activity. I am asking the legislature for an extra $100 million to fund these operations until Washington lives up to its responsibility."

The governor noted that Texas has created thousands of new jobs over the last few years because of wise fiscal leadership and new job creation tools.

"I made job creation a top focus of my administration and today more Texans than ever before have a job to go to each morning. Over the last three years we've gained 675,000 new jobs," Perry said. "We're attracting thousands of jobs from other states, and we're going to attract even more because we lowered property taxes by a record $15.5 billion over the next three years."

Perry noted that he has vetoed more than $2.5 billion in proposed spending - six times more than all the Texas governors since 1978, combined. He also is the only governor since World War II to have signed a budget that reduced state spending compared to the previous biennium.

Four years ago, Gov. Perry told the people of Texas that he would make education his highest priority. Today classroom standards are higher, student achievement is on the rise and more Texans are going to college than ever before. On the whole, school funding is up by $9 billion since Rick Perry became governor.

"This year I was proud to sign a $2,000 pay raise for every Texas teacher," Perry said. "The very best teachers are going to be rewarded with bonuses of up to $10,000 because we created the nation's largest performance pay system."

"In light of the tremendous progress Texas has made over the last four years, I say Texas has come too far to turn back now," Perry said.

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