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2006 Judicial Survey Response

Location: Unknown

What is your overall judicial philosophy?

I have a progressive judicial philosophy. I believe juries and their verdicts MUST be respected. I oppose the expansion of arbitration clauses which are being used by corporations and big business to systematically reduce and remove Texan's ability to bring their grievances in a Texas court

Which United States Supreme Court Justice, past or present, would you compare your judicial philosophy to?

Stephen Breyer

Why are you qualified for this position?

I have litigated cases for 14 years. Unlike many Justices who have never actually tried a case, I have seen first hand how the rulings have been taking away the rights of Texans that were previously thought sacrosanct.

What improvements do you believe could be made to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state court system?

A judge must insure fairness not efficiency. We must return to the fundamental basis of our Texas legal, system; trusting our juries and guaranteeing ALL Texans can avail themselves of the legal system.

Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal help and the legal system? If not, what can be done to provide wider and better access?

Absolutely not! Better legal outreach programs in schools, churches, etc.

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