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2006 Judicial Survey Response

Location: Unknown

What is your overall judicial philosophy?

The law should be fair and impartially applied based upon the Constitution and laws of the applicable governmental entity. Judges should avoid the demands of special interest groups to decide cases based upon a particular political philosophy. I have dedicated my service as a member of Georgia's judiciary every day for the past 22 years to achieving this goal.

Which United States Supreme Court Justice, past or present, would you compare your judicial philosophy to?

Sandra Day O'Conner

Why are you qualified for this position?

I have 22 years of judicial experience, including 14 years on the Georgia Supreme Court.

What improvements do you believe could be made to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state court system?

As a former chair of the Domestic Violence Task Force, we need to continue to eliminate any barriers so that victims of domestic violence have their complaints handled in a timely and effective manner. Additionally, as the Chair of the Court's Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, I have endeavored to further ensure that the public is not harmed by the illegal contacts or respresenations by unlicensed practitioners.

Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal help and the legal system? If not, what can be done to provide wider and better access?

As the Chair of the Supreme Court Commission on Access and Fairness in the Courts, I have strived for greater citizen access to the courts. While I do believe citizens have adequate access to the legal system, I am a proponent of having all the Supreme Court's legal arguments broadcast live over the Internet so that citizens would have regular access to our courtroom.

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